The Video Game For Students

Where you and your friends compete to literally get under each other's skin!

Come join Quiz.Life - an interactive battle quiz game where you can control your own army of bacteria to take over your opponent's body systems. But watch your back (and your heart and lungs) because your opponents will be doing the same!

    Lets Face it - Studying Is Boring

  Quiz.Life offers an excellent combination of fun and learning. Study with your friends while battling your microscopic army against theirs!

Quiz.Life is a quiz battle where players develop their army and use them to destroy their opponent’s base. In order to build up this army, players must answer in-game questions. The players can use points earned from answering quiz questions to evolve their units and upgrade their base. And because it’s created by medical students, Quiz.Life takes place on the most unusual battleground of all – inside the human body!

1) Play solo or team up with your friends to begin battle.

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Our matchmaking system ensures you always have a challenge!

2) Begin answering questions that challenge your knowledge.

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Our algorithm learns what you know and don't know and puts emphasis on the topics which you struggle with.

3) Gain points for correct answers and use them to build your army.

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The more points you earn, the more upgrades to your bacteria and defenses you can make.

4) Tackle your opponents organ systems. Out compete them in the heart, lung, skin, and elsewhere.

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The more you learn about microbiology, the better at outwitting your opponents you will become.

5) Manage your own base in between battles by building your defenses using points earned for answering questions and winning battles.

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The best offense is a good defense: Make sure to stock up on antibiotics!

6) Win the game by destroying your opponents base!

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Best of all, learn medicine while developing battle strategies!

Our Story

We are here to create educational games that are fun, rewarding, and most importantly, produce results in the form of higher test scores and increased student attention. Researchers recently found that question banks are the most effective and efficient study method, and using this research, we’ve created a game designed for students, by students.

How It Works

Quiz.Life is the game where you and your friends battle to literally get under each other’s skin! In this interactive battle quiz game, you control your own army of bacteria to take over your opponent’s body systems. But watch your back – along with your heart and lungs – because your opponents will be doing the same!

Quiz.Life features in-game chat, auto-matching based on level, and achievements and trophies as well as global rankings for serious players. It’s completely free to play, runs in almost any browser as well as Android and iOS devices, and benefits from constant updates.

What more?

Check out Quiz.Life by visiting our website at Our game will be funded primarily by in-game purchases.

If you have any questions regarding the game feel free to ask here!

We will be able to offer all kinds of fantastic perks to our loyal contributors. Perks like early access to the alpha and beta, premium question banks, unique in-game units, base, and army upgrades! We want to offer as many incentives as possible to those who are able to donate the money we need to make this happen.

Spread the Word

Post to social sites! The more people who get excited about this, the bigger and better the final product will be. Please take a moment to share this campaign on your social media profiles and get the word out there.

Our mission is to combat boring studying. Using the power of Unreal Engine 4, we’re working together to create the next generation of educational games. We want learning to feel exciting, even addictive. Now we've created a game that does just that.
  • Answer questions that challenge your knowledge – our unique question generation algorithm learns what you know and what you don’t and puts emphasis on the topics you struggle with.
  • Gain points for correct answers and use them to upgrade your army.
  • Tackle your opponent’s organ systems. Out-compete them in the heart, lungs, skin, and elsewhere.
  • Manage your own base in between battles by building up your defenses using the points you've earned.

Choose your study topic and quickly fill gaps in knowledge using our novel algorithm for identifying your knowledge level. After playing for a little while, you won't receive questions that are too easy or too hard, only targeting information that you have not mastered!

Quiz.Life features in-quiz battles, realistic microbiology, and a social chat with player generated questions and answers. Players can revise questions together (similar to the idea of Wikipedia).

If you love learning, bacteria, or just games, Quiz.Life is for you! Why learn details about dozens of random characters in other games when you can learn about bacteria that do real life damage and cause real disease!
Quiz.Life is created for medical students by medical students. We know that learning is multifaceted. You've spent (or are about to spend) hours of time reading textbooks, watching videos, and Q banks to prepare for your board examination. We are excited to introduce a new dimension to your study that will keep you engaged and learning efficiently.

What Else? 

Quiz.Life is available on any browser as well!

Need to play on an unsupported device? As long as you have a browser you can play. Any supported browser can load the game, anytime!

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More:

  • Question Ranking System

  • Users can link to video explanations

  • Question Selection Algorithm

  • Auto-matching with users on your level

  • Chat system to talk with allies and make a decision together

  • Invite friends to play together

  • Study questions that you got wrong later

  • Social connect via Facebook or Google

  • 24/7 support via email

  • Questions checked by experts in the field for accuracy

  • No expensive subscription required to play

  • Available on android, iphone/ipad, and PC/Mac

  • Eye-Catching Characters and Animations

  • Real microbiology mechanisms during game battles

  • Auto fighting mode for powering through questions

  • Top Notch Support Service

  • Constant Updates & New Features

  • Strategic Options Based In Real Microbiology

  • Achievements and trophies

  • Global ranking for serious players

  • Cross platform capabilities

  • Unlimited Play for Free

  • Global Server Support

  • In-Game Character Customization

  • Created By Students For Students

Ready to join Quiz.Life and build your Quizling army?